Marius Goedegebuur was born on 24 oktober 1936 in Rotterdam. He was just 3.5 years old when the worldwar2 began. Especially the last year of the war has made deep impressions on him. Traumatic experiences like seeing arrests and fusillations by the German Wehrmacht. This all has made remarks on the soul of Shihan Goedegebuur.

He is very much interested in the happenings from the WWII timeperiod, as well in European/African as in the Pacifics. (Japan)

Short after the libertydays he followed an agraric education (vegetables, fruit and gardening). He did his militairy time in the "regiment healing troops." at that time he participated with succes in militairy sportevents.

After his militairy duty-time he decided to work at the Rotterdam police corps. After his education he served the uniformed services, the recherche, the dogbrigade and he was dog guardier as well. Beside the then mandatory sports at the police corps he followed a couple of selfdefence courses. This system came frome France. The parisien police worked that way and it was possible to earn grades. This idea didn't make it in the Netherlands though.

In the early sixties he practised judo en was taught by sensei Van de Velde 4th dan in judo (not related to Sjaak vd Velde). At the end of the sixties/begin seventies he certified under supervision of policeinstructor J.w. Huysdens the swimprofessionality-certification 1 on to 4 of the K.N.Z.B and he was certified also for lifesaving swimtechnics A and B of the K.N.B.R.D. Also he did a course wildwater-canoeing (kayak). At that time he walked several times the 4 days duration long distance walks of the K.N.B.L.O. in Nijmegen. In 1979 he succeeded the 1th international police marathon of Rotterdam. The mean time he came in touch with his previous judosupervisor v.d. Velde who taught Wadokai-karate. He followed the trainings for a matter of time in the dojo at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam untill Van de Velde quitted teaching en decided to giveout the department karate to the school of J. Verschoof, 6th dan Kyokushin Karate.

Because of this he came in touch with J Verschof in 1979 where he had further practise. After 10 years of intensive training he was promoted to 1st dan by J. Verschoof on may the 7th of 1989. On june the 9th in 1992 he was promoted after a serie of examinations to second dan by Shihan J. Verschoof.

In the years that followed he was promoted by Shihan Jock Middelman to 3th dan and by Kacho bluming to 4th and 5th Dan Kyokushin. At that time he realised that Kyokushin -kai Karate is not a sport. it is a way of life, a style, a way you decide to live.

At that time he also gave selfdefence course at the Rotterdam Electric Tram and also he taught the Tramway-companys of The Hague. Beside karate he taught fire-teachers of the police-district Dordrecht and he gave selfdefence lessons to medical students at the St. clara Hospital in Rotterdam. As from 1985 to 1988 he was training beside karate a few boxing lessons from Jaap Dok a pupil of Theo Huizenaar.

It was around 1989 that he met trough Kyokushin Karate Sjaak van de Velde (currently 5th Dan) who started a sportschool in 1995 under the name of "Musashi". Sjaak asked Marius if he wanted to help him teaching in the dojo. In the beginning of 1996 he related himself with this karateschool. At that time he was also very active in the school of J.J Verschoof. In 1997 he had a serious disagreement with his teacher regarding the policy whereafter he could not believe in the policy of the other. He made his conclusions and decided to stop all activities in that school.

Besides his activities at "Musashi Netherlands" he also teaches selfdefence to juniors and seniors. shihan Goedegebuur is also actve in moutain-climbing sport. In 1994 he succeeded a course called Alpencursus of which one of the mandatory parts was saving someone from a gletsjerhole. He has a E.H.B.O (red-cross] Reanimation- Certificate (that is continued after following the  rehearsing-lessons every two years) and he is extra-certified in E.H.BO mountainsports. (height-sickness, undercooling etc.).

From time to time he visits the climbing school to keep himself upto date in the climbing-technics. He is extremely interested in the backgrounds of karate. Although he is not a buddha-ist he is very much interested in the literature about bhudism. he is especially attracted to the filosophy of the Zen Budhism and in there the soto-stream dat was brought from China to japan by Zen -filosophist Dogen. He is trying to reach these way of thinking for himself and to practicising it in his personal daily life.

On July the 13th in 2001 at the Hungarian Kyokushin Summercamp Shihan Marius Goedegebuur on the age of 65 got promoted by Kancho Bluming to the 6th Dan Kyokushin Karate. The promotion also was confirmed by Kenji Kurosaki sensei who also putted his autograph on the certificate.

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